Bing Crosby shares a uniquely American Christmas story…

Bing Crosby tells and sings the tale of young Jethro who struggles to find a gift for his parents who live in a remote cabin in the forest without much to spare. When his parents go to town to buy presents, Jethro stays behind and is visited by Paul Bunyon, Johnny Appleseed and Daniel Boone in his dreams.

Track Listing

1. How Lovely Is Christmas 2. There Have Been Almost 2000 Christmases… 3. An Axe, An Apple And A Buckskin Jacket 4. Now This Cabin… Was So Remote… 5. Boy At A Window 6. All Of A Sudden Young Jethro… Heard… 7. Young Jethro Swung His Mighty Axe

8. Soon The Cleared Field Looked Mighty Fine… 9. Johnny Appleseed 10. …And Sure Enough There Was Dan’l Boone! 11. Incident On Roger’s Creek 12. Well A ‘Course Young Jethro Thought… 13. How Lovely Is Christmas


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