Not too many LPs surprise me anymore, the Internet de-mystifies a lot of things, but this one caught me completely off guard…

I was out for my semi-regular Christmas LP shopping adventure to Toronto and I was picking up lots of great Christmas stuff, and I was almost done my travels when I finally made it to my favourite Record shop Sonic Boom. I didn’t make it til after Christmas so I was seeing a lot of empty Christmas bins, or Christmas bins being dismantled. But, I had one more chance so I started thumbing through what they had. It was actually a friend who spotted this one first and held it up to me and I grabbed it and put it in my pile. I don’t often do that… Usually price and details get weighed very heavily, but this one was so new to me that I knew I just had to have it. Price be damned! (As it turns out it wasn’t that expensive, I’ve spent more for less). But I knew I needed this one for my ever-growing collection.

I’d never considered the music of Christmas Evil, and even before I listened to the LP, I began to think about it. I didn’t think of the soundtrack as memorable, but I looked forward to the chance to re-examine another facet to a movie I really enjoy.

When isolated, the soundtrack didn’t excite me. I found it interesting, and entertaining, but it’s not going to get a lot of play. I’m glad I have it, but It felt like so many other horror soundtracks from the 80s: Synth-based and a bit perkier than you’d expect. When I first played it, I incorrectly played it at 33.3, not 45 as I should have, so it was nicely creepy then, but once sped up to the intended speed, it felt all too chipper for my tastes. But it was still a fascinating listen. I need to rewatch the film and then relisten to the soundtrack, since I’m sure I’m not giving it proper credit.

But what is amazing was the album art. It doesn’t particularly have anything to do with the movie (which is unfortunate) but it is certainly impressive on its own.

Christmas Evil Cover

Christmas Evil Back

Christmas Evil Insert

Christmas Evil Insert