Jack McPartlin? THE Jack McPartlin? No one will appreciate this find as much as I do, but on my mental want-list, it’s been #1 for quite some time now. I’d never seen it before, it wasn’t online, no one else that I had seen had scanned it. I have since dutifully submitted images to the Interwebs for future generations…

Jack McPartlin was a famous Ottawa musician, educated at Woodroffe Public School, the Chateau Laurier’s resident entertainer throughout the sixties, and Ottawa’s most popular lounge act, probably ever. But time has not really kept his name out there and most people would shrug at mention of him. But he did put out four albums back in the day, three of which I owned, and this one here, a Christmas album. In the Venn diagram of Christmas, Canadiana, obscurity and local history, this one’s more overlap than not.

Jack McPartlin Discography

Happening Upon It

And sometimes you just happen on them… I had no plans on thrifting the day I found it, but happened through a small-town, stopped at a flea market after initially deciding not to bother, but eventually ended up going…  A nice man beckoned us in and I asked if he had any records, and he pointed the way, but said they’d been picked over. I said not to worry, because no one else is buying what I buy.

He told me everything was a dollar but come see him for a deal if I found anything. I pulled four from the first box and thought, hmmm, yep, this was a good one. I got up to 9 then flipped past the big ‘Jack McPartlin’ at the top. By that point, it was super hot and I was making up yoga poses to get to the back, sweat dripping off the end of my nose. I went forward a few more flips before it registered that I knew that name, and needed to go back. I pulled the record out, thought, geez, that’s it. That’s what I was looking for.

Checked the disc, yep, right one. Good condition (didn’t matter in this case though, I’d have bought it if it was in two pieces). Stood there for a minute thinking, is this what I think it is? Still yep. Damn, I’d found it. I stopped flipping, grabbed another one I’d passed on earlier just to make and even ten and went out to pay the man and get out of there with my exceptional find. Gave him the ten bucks, thanked him profusely and got the heck out of Dodge.

I’m sure he thinks he ripped me off charging $10 for some old Christmas records, and I’m quite sure I ripped him off with only paying $10, but we both parted company happy. Money’s such a shallow substitute for value, but it’s nice when everyone leaves pleased with how things worked out… It’s funny how one good find can brighten your whole day.

Jack McPartlin - You're All I Want For Christmas (Back)

Was It Worth It?

And the verdict? McPartlin is an obvious entertainer. His years spent playing to crowds shows on this jaunty little instrumental album. Smooth, fun organ music with just a hint of showmanship. There are already thousands of other Christmas organ music albums in my collection, but I liked this one as well, definitely worthy of adding to the collection. Very happy with this particular find.