Free Christmas Music! by Jeffrey Philip Nelson

Yesterday I got an email from a nice gentleman who reached out thinking readers of my blog might appreciate some new Christmas music, and I know I certainly did. I listened to the sample he sent and it was quite good, so I downloaded the whole album and I’ve listened to it a number of times since! A nice, understated Christmas collection which wouldn’t be out-of-place around any roaring fire. Straightforward folk/rock/singer/songwriter style – Sometimes sleepy, sometimes rollicking, always accessible and sincere, I will definitely be playing this one several times over the holiday season. I’ve also downloaded other albums of his from his site and look forward to hearing what else he has to offer. You can download his Christmas album here, or you can head over to his webpage to see the other albums he has available to hear. And if you like his stuff, be sure to tell your friends!


I want to add as well, Jeff has also posted lots of other great music since this, so if you like the Christmas album as I did, be sure to check out his more recent stuff as well on his website.