Margo Rey is back with a new EP of holiday tunes. With modern, smooth vocals with some decidedly groovy instrumentation, this EP is a nice way to shake up your staid or stuffy Christmas party.

We got a submission from Margo Rey and her people letting us know about her holiday release. Nice, smooth, light jazzy arrangements and vocals. Can I say pleasant without being dismissive? Pleasant and confident vocals. Pleasant in a good way. This is someone who knows vocals, definitely confident and in control. 

This Holiday Night EP

It’s only an EP (three songs) but it’s a great showcase of her vocal talent. And it gives a good taste of her style and groove-based take on some holiday classics. 

There’s also a Spanish-language version of the title track (“Es Navidad”) which shows even more range. Margo Rey is obviously talented and if you’re looking for a new artist in the smooth jazz, vocalist, singer-songwriter sort of vein, you should check her out.

Find out more about Margo Rey and her music at her website: