Name That Christmas Special: The Game

The Game was conceived and built as an extention of a rather impressive collection of Christmas videos, the name, and this website came out of a basic ideas:

Each year we play a Facebook game where we post screenshots from various Christmas movies, TV episodes and specials, and let people people guess what it’s from, and people have a lot of fun joking and remembering the screens from these videos. This site is a direct result of that game, where we will be trying to make that game a little more accessible to others who also want to play, or at least let them look back at some Christmas movies, specials, TV shows, albums, or whatever.

Efforts to recreate the game in various other formats have all failed. We’re not above trying again, but for now we’re keeping with how it’s been played in the past. I’m sure there will be a better platform in the future, and until then we’ll just keep playing the regular old way. Maybe someday we’ll find a way to take it a little more public.

In the meantime however, we tend to believe that others will enjoy leafing through some of our collection and reliving some of their Christmas memories through the screenshots. A handful of screenshots gives a great taste of what the videos looked like and hopefully will evoke all kinds of memories, or if not, pique some interest in seeking out the videos for your own collection! Attempts have been made with the screenshots to capture the storyline, feel and tone of each of the videos, while keeping some not too obvious what it is, so people can remember but also have to guess when seeing just a single screenshot. Hopefully you’ll get a sense of the special by looking at the screenshots we’ve included with our reviews.

Participants in our annual Facebook game has always received a “Certificate of Awesomeness” which they can hang with pride. Here are pictures of the last five years worth of certificates, you know, in case you’ve missed any!


  1. Dana

    Hi Jeff.
    Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Yesr too.


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