A home-video love letter to the people, places and history that made Bob Clark’s ‘A Christmas Story’ a holiday classic.

Date: 2013
Producer and Editor: Tyler Schwartz
Starring: Jordie Smits, Tyler Schwartz
Runtime: 1:21:15
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Jeff’s Review:
Four Stars

What a cute movie. Okay, I know the audience for it won’t ever be huge, and as such it’s not something a lot of people will ever hear of, but here are two people who LOVE A Christmas Story. These are the same people who run RetroFestive.ca I believe, so their bona fides definitely check out. Sure, by now everyone knows A Christmas Story which was well on it’s way to cult classic even before TBS decided to run it for 24 hours every Christmas, but how many people actually want to track down the filming locations and costumers and sound studios and school used in the film? Not many, but if that sounds interesting to you, this will be a treat.

What I Liked

This road trip in Road Trip for Ralphie covers aspects of the movie you will never have thought of. Sure, maybe you didn’t need to know more, but it still is neat. Lots of great old photos and several cute re-enactments. There are colourful characters, and even a visit to the Christmas Story house on it’s grand opening with several of the original cast. I’m quite sure I’ve never put the kind of effort into learning about a film the way these two have, but I for one am glad it was captured on video. It’s not going to be a movie I’m going to watch a lot, or force others to see, but like countless other documentaries, I’m glad it was made, just so someone captures it. Even during the filming they were tearing down the classroom so they captured aspects just in time.

It was also a lot of fun to see a couple of places in Toronto that I’d been countless times and had no idea where integral to the film. It also makes me want to check out a few locations next time I go back. And since I’m not expecting any trips to Cleveland anytime soon, I feel like this film has done all the hard parts for me. (I don’t feel a need to go there in person, this film took me to all the key spots).

Original A Christmas Story Poster


It’s charming to see how much these two love A Christmas Story. It’s really hard to rate a movie since it’s obviously entirely personal how much people will enjoy this movie, but I did enjoy it. I enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed the adventure of finding out a lot of new things about that classic film. So if you think that’s something you’d enjoy, seek this movie out. Maybe in amongst the continuous views of A Christmas Story this Christmas, you could slide in Road Trip for Ralphie to mix it up. It’ll help you appreciate so much more of what went into making A Christmas Story the classic that it is.

Check out their website: http://www.roadtripforralphie.com/