Carol and the gang welcome Alan Alda for this Christmas-themed episode, including a classic
sketch with Eunice and Mama.

Date: 1974
Season: 8
Episode: 13
Director: Dave Powers
Writer: Gary Belkin, Ed Simmons, Barry Harman, Dick Clair, Jenna McMahon, Rudy De Luca, Roger Beatty, Arnie Kogen, Bill Richmond, Gene Perret
Starring: Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Alan Alda
Runtime: 51:25

Jeff’s Review:
Four Stars

This episode of the Carol Burnett Show will make you fall in love with Carol and the gang all over again (well, the gang except Tim Conway, who wouldn’t join the cast until the following year). It may also make you fall in love with variety shows all over again, and the fun mix of song and comedy this format brought. Now of course the Eunice and Mama sketches also brought a huge heaping of tension and awkwardness, but the comedy is also there. And while this episode is hardly perfect, the humour and songs will have you laughing and humming along.

Note: This DVD also comes with an episode from season 11 with guests Helen Reddy and Ken Berry (and Tim Conway was now a member of the cast). It’s also a lot of fun, but less Christmas content in this one. There’s also a special feature of Carol’s Charwoman character singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. This collection shows the range of slapstick to pathos that really sets some of the great comics apart from the rest. Really makes you’d wish they’d hurry up and release all of the Carol Burnett Show episodes already!