Irving Berlin’s classic Christmas standard gets it’s own book, trying to capture the story of it’s creation and impact.

Title: White Christmas: The Story of An American Song
Year: 2007
Author: Jody Rosen
Pages: 214

I had my doubts when I first hear this seemingly simple (though ubiquitous) song was worthy of  a whole book, but I was completely wrong. An utterly compelling read, it put Berlin and the song in context, with lots of little anecdotes about Tin Pan Alley, America, Bing Crosby, Elvis, and countless other destinations along the way from the songwriters beginnings to the songs place in the pantheon of holiday (and musical) classics. I promise never to take ‘White Christmas’ for granted again.

As soon as I finished the book I rushed to iTunes to compare the 1942 version and the 1947 version. This book will show you love for the song you might not know you had. One simple song worthy of a whole book? Absolutely.