I always why no one had done this before, so what do you do if no one else has done it? You do it yourself!

So it’s been a while since I’ve worked on a gingerbread house, but I’ve always thought it was a shame that this particular house didn’t get the gingerbread tribute that it deserved… ‘Black Christmas’ is a classic Christmas horror film, and it’s about time it got this kind of tribute.

I enlisted the help of the most qualified friends I knew, both of whom are excellent planners, and designers of food. Tony Neville and Tracey Neville make incredible food creations and their skill is all over this project.

Sketches and Plans

Much sketching and planning was done for the Black Christmas Gingerbread House: Graph paper, cardboard mock-ups, foam core mock-ups, test bakes. Lots of little touches to make sure it was as good as we could do. Sure there’s stuff we forgot, or didn’t get perfect, but we hope you enjoy our humble tribute to the holidays and to a classic piece of holiday cinema. In gingerbread!

It was great fun to put together too, watching the film for clues and angles. I tried to make a pilgrimage to the actual house, but missed out because I ran out of time. There have been many renovations since the movie was made. I’ve heard the owners have never been that interested in tourists, so the celluloid version was more than enough.