Welcome to Name That Christmas Special!

This website is designed as a companion piece to the Twitter site @chrspecials, also known as NameThatChristmasSpecial.com. Things we talk about there will be included here, and vice…

Hand-Drawn Wreath Brush For Illustrator

Santa’s Workshop Pamphlet

Scan of a flyer from 1974 from Santa’s Workshop, North Pole, NY

Home Alone 2 Stickers from Topps Trading Cards

Poster made from the back of Home Alone 2 Trading Cards (Stickers)

Home Alone Board Game

Scans of the 1991 Home Alone Board game from Toy Headquarters.

Home Alone Poster

Check out this cool poster which you could get when buying Home Alone on video in 1991.

The Snowman Game

The Raymond Briggs’ classic The Snowman was made into a board game in 1987.

Santa’s Workshop Bumpersticker

I vectorized an old bumpersticker that hung on my bedroom wall, many long years ago… Download Santas Workshop.pdf

Free Holly Pattern Brush for Illustrator

Anyone need a holly border for anything in Illustrator this season? Not perfect, but a rough and ready solution for a number of occasions…

Elf Dice Game

So they’ve released a set of dice based on the movie Elf, and I thought this required a scorecard update for a rather popular dice game…

A Very Merry Cricket

I’d always thought A Very Merry Cricket was an underrated classic, if only for it’s amazing artwork and background, but a new DVD pickup has made me an…

Muppet Christmas Carol Colouring Book

Apparently there was a Muppet Christmas Carol colouring book produced in 1993. Cool!

Hanna Barbera Christmas Illustration

I made this vector illustration/recreation years ago (based on a VHS cover). I saw someone post it the other day and thought others might have a use for…

A Cosmic Christmas: The Album

Listen to a copy of the A Cosmic Christmas album.

Review: A Very Merry Holiday Movie Guide

Many thanks to Rachel McMillan (@rachkmc), author of the new book ‘A Very Merry Holiday Movie Guide’, for sending over a copy for me to enjoy. I got…

Free Adobe Illustrator Christmas Lights Brush To Download and Use

Photo Release for Tukiki and His Search for The Meaning of Christmas

Another obscure eBay find, this time a photo release sent out for the broadcast of the Ottawa-made Christmas special ‘Tukiki and His Search for The Meaning of Christmas’….

Star Wars Holiday Special Trading Card

Image Scans from A Cosmic Christmas Book