I’d always thought A Very Merry Cricket was an underrated classic, if only for it’s amazing artwork and background, but a new DVD pickup has made me an even bigger fan.

Picked up this 2007 DVD compilation ‘Chuck Jones Collection’ where ‘A Very Merry Cricket’ is number six on a list of six Chuck Jones’ specials.

Chuck Jones was famous for his work with Looney Tunes and of course How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which he directed. This DVD highlights some of his lesser known specials.

‘A Very Merry Cricket’ is the one I zeroed in on, knowing it’s a Christmas special, where Harry the Cat and Tucker the Mouse go find their friend Chester C Cricket in an effort to save a dark and downtrodden New York City from the misery of Christmas by making people stop and listen to Chester’s beautiful Christmas music. The plot may stall a few times along the way, but the artwork and backgrounds are absolutely beautiful and deserves a watch if you haven’t seen it in a while, or ever. It’s a sequel to ‘The Cricket in Times Square‘, but you don’t need to have see that to watch it.

I always love the visuals in this, they’re creative and expressive and energetic, but this DVD release really makes it pop more than before. Highly recommend picking up the DVD if you ever run across it.