Christmas Is For Children [LP]

Probably the most requested album I hear about from people who had a copy but then eventually lost it…

[Quality Records, 1982]

You have to assume ‘Santa Claus is Canadian’ was a pretty big hit because they came back the following year with ‘Christmas is For Children’, using a lot of the same talent and resources, this time with all new originals, geared perhaps a little more towards Children.

From the back cover:

Christmas is a festive time for almost all of us, but it holds a special magic for children. Music is as much a part of the magic as brightly wrapped presents, holiday treats, and Santa. That’s why this album was commissioned by the Ontario Lottery Corporation. A number of artists were asked to put together a Christmas album for those who love that time the most. The result is a musical celebration of the fact that Christmas really is for children. And you may enjoy the songs as much as the kids, because there’s a little part in all of use, that never quite grows up.

All the music in this album was composed, arranged, performed and recorded in Canada by Canadians, and provides a showcase for the diverse talents of the contributing artists. It also represents a cultural contribution to the province.

Since its inception in 1975, the Ontario Lottery Corporation has been contributing to the quality of life here. Sports complexes, hospitals and research facilities are just a few beneficiaries of Lottery funds.

We offer this album at no extra cost to all players of the Ontario Lotteries and wish you a Merry Christmas, a happy New Year and Good Luck in the Lottery!

D. Norman Morris
Ontario Lottery Corporation

Track Listing

  1. Christmas Is For Children
  2. Whenever It Snows
  3. Santa’s Got A New Bag
  4. A Change Of Heart
  5. Santa’s Favourite Day
  6. Brand New Brother
  7. Merry Christmas Bells
  8. A Letter To Santa
  9. Hymn For Christmas
  10. Snow Ride
  11. Reindeer Roundup
  12. The Gift Of Christmas
  13. March Of The Toys
  14. Christmas In The City
  15. Mr. Evergreen
  16. Christmas Is For Children

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  1. Loved this album. Was working at an ontario radio station when it was released. They sent me a copy as I was the copywriter at the station. I fell in love with it. I have since moved many times since 1982 and always carried it with me as it became part of my Christmas traditions. Unfortunately now I can no longer find it. I was sooo hoping it was on the computer somewhere but only see it on vinyl. Does anyone have this in maybe mp3 format or something as my ecord player gave up.

    • Hi Linda,
      I have this on vinyl too, in almost mint condition.
      I have been forgetting to digitize/ upload it every year, but this year I will do it for sure.

  2. I am also looking for a digital copy of this album.

  3. Melissa Fischer

    I have a copy on vinyl from when I was a kid. It’s my family’s most favourite Christmas album. We’ve been looking for a digital copy of it for years. Would love to be able to buy one.

  4. I will digitize and upload mine next week, just as soon as my college semester is over and I can spend an afternoon doing it.

    • Did you end up digitizing it? Would love to have it if you did and willing to pay

      • Hi Kim, I sent you a private message. Comment here if you didn’t get it…

        • Hi I was wondering if I can get a copy for my younger sister. I broke her album when I was younger.
          Is there a way I can get a copy too?
          Thanks so much
          Merry Christmas

          • HI Ravi, I’m sending you a direct message. Let me know if you don’t get it…

    • Is there anyway I could get a digital copy of this?

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