If you search through record bins in Thrift Stores in Ontario, Canada, the odds are you’ve seen one of the records released by the Ontario Lottery Corporation in 1981 and 1982…

I kept coming across these albums and eventually bought one then both and started writing about them on an old blog. Well, it turns out they were really popular back in the day, and since there was very little information about them out there, I thought I’d better pick up the torch and share what I knew. Amusingly enough, I’ve written to the OLC (now OLG) and they acknowledge the albums and say they’re no longer for sale, but they are for sale second hand all-over if you’re interested in obtaining these unique pieces of Ontario history.

I always thought these albums would make for a worthy documentary subject on TVO or something. I won’t be the one to make it, but if it ever gets made, I’m going to be saying a lot of ‘I told you so’s.

While I was researching the LPs, I contacted OLC, now OLG, twice. Once to clarify how they were distributed, and a second time to ask if I could share copies of the albums with their permission. I wasn’t expecting anything, and sadly they said no, but it’s totally understandable. As they explained, they would need a legal review of OLG rights to having the music, and since the OLC amalgamated with the former Ontario Casino Corporation, suffice it to say the paper trail and rights involved pretty much ensure that documentary will never get made. Special thanks to Melissa K. at OLG.ca for taking the time to answer all my questions. So there you have it, seemingly definitive proof the albums will never be released again. But if  you’re looking, check out your local Ontario thrift shops. They’re there to be found, if I don’t get there first!