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Scott Grimes – We Believe In Christmas (Single)

Here’s a bit of a rarity, a Christmas single from Scott Grimes, released the same year as ‘It Came Upon The Midnight Clear’ (and the opening dialogue on…

Keith Haring: A Very Special Christmas Longbox Cover

I think everyone’s familiar with the ‘A Very Special Christmas’ compilation put out in 1987 to support the Special Olympics. Keith Haring’s cover went on to iconic status…

Les Trois Mages Du Cosmos (French A Cosmic Christmas)

I have another cool A Cosmic Christmas item to share with you…

Toronto Star/The Canadian: A Cosmic Christmas

I purchased an old insert from the Toronto Star’s ‘The Canadian’ focussing on ‘A Cosmic Christmas’. Not a ton of stuff about this special out there, so I…

A Christmas Story Wrapping Paper Pattern

I had the idea to make a ‘Christmas Story’ wrapping paper pattern, and with no idea what I was going to do with it, I decided just to…

Mick Foley’s Favourite Christmas Song

Mick Foley, WWE Hall of Famer and Year-Round Christmas Enthusiast, shares his favourite Christmas song.

Scrooged Action Figures

Old Christmas Cards

I found these Christmas cards in my stack of things I’ve been meaning to do something with. There’s no information with them, just “Litho’d in Canada”. They’re printed…

Sobeys Songs of Christmas

I found this old newspaper insert in an old thrift store record…

Wrapping Paper Backgrounds

Repeating pattern backgrounds for your computer or phone…

Illustrator Pattern: Christmas Wrapping Paper

I was playing around in Illustrator and decided to make a wrapping paper pattern, so here it is in case anyone else can use it.

Black Christmas Gingerbread House

I always why no one had done this before, so what do you do if no one else has done it? You do it yourself!

Merry Christmas from Joey Jeremiah!

Thanks to and Pat Mastroianni (and special guests Dan Woods and Stacie Mistysyn) for this fun video wishing everyone Merry Christmas from Joey Jeremiah! 

A Visit To Retrofestive

I finally had a chance to get out to Oakville to visit Retrofestive. After wanting to for so long, I was thrilled to get there. It’s Canada’s Pop Culture…

Whoville Poster Download

A Cosmic Christmas Animation Cel

The tale of finding and prepping a Cosmic Christmas animation cel for display.

OLG Lottery Christmas Albums

If you search through record bins in Thrift Stores in Ontario, Canada, the odds are you’ve seen one of the records released by the Ontario Lottery Corporation in…

Christmas Is For Children [LP]

Probably the most requested album I hear about from people who had a copy but then eventually lost it…

Santa Claus Is Canadian: A Taste of Christmas in Canada [LP]

One of the more famous OLG Christmas entries… For an album given out for free in the 80s.

Starting Over… (Again)

Sorry folks, bear with us as we start again. The old theme was acting up and started over seemed like a smarter, cleaner approach.